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Incident Reports in real-time quickly and accurately with immediate response with our safety incident Management and reporting software.

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Key Features – Incident Management

Health and Safety

Health & Safety

A system for occupational health and safety.


Online Instruction

Instruct employees and staff flexibly.

Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance

Legal protection, reduced liability.

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Incident Management

In order to provide a rapid and coordinated response to each incident on site, MiSentinel Incident Management module synchronises all parties on one platform. Every stakeholder is kept updated throughout the incident resolution process with real-time status reports.
Live dashboard monitors, explores and mines your results. To dig into extremely useful insights that help you make timely, precise and well-informed decisions, you just need a couple of clicks.

  • Incident Log- All events are automatically logged in real-time and alerts are automatically handled by the control room.
  • Simplified accountability – Pre-defined escalations policies immediately alert responders and stakeholders of the actions performed on each incident in real-time. Incident Management policies are allocated at the time when an Incident is acknowledged by the control room.
  • Coordinated Response – The notifications are sent to the right individuals and responders that ensures operational effectiveness through quick and accurate response. Not all the stakeholders get involved in the Incident Management process but can comment and act as an invigilator.

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Activity Wall

Live tracking and visibility are the most significant tools for any operational management. MiSentinel workforce management software System works in collaboration with all the activities like scheduling, lone workers, contractors, incident management reports and mobile apps. Activity wall translates every operational information in one place live. It collects and generate notifications for required actions and notifies the correct individuals to ensure smooth and accurate responses.

  • Panic alerts.
  • Location tracking.
  • Monitoring Check Point status.
  • Lone worker tracking for health and safety.
  • Real-time incident reporting with multimedia messaging.
  • Tracks Book on/ off timings to reduce time wastage and ensures Lone Worker Safety.
  • Provides access to all vital operational activities.
  • Activity Wall can be accessed 24/7 from any device.

incident management – activity wall

incident management

Live Dashboard

To answer the most significant questions, our live dashboard monitors explores and mines your results. To dig into extremely useful insights that help you make timely, precise and well-informed decisions, you just need a couple of clicks.

  • Quick to understand.
  • Smart Job works rapidly.
  • Significant perspectives, translated into visual formats.
  • Simple access from any device, such as smartphones,
    Tablets & desktops.
  • Support to reduce leakages and increase organisational effectiveness.

Incident Management Reports

Use our incident management mobile app to report and submit any safety incident in real-time from the workplace.

  • Immediately and easily capture leading indicators, such as near misses and safety observations with mobile accessibility.
  • Incident Management Reports in real-time, select the incident category and people involved.
  • Investigate incidents on-the-go, saving time by taking signed witness statements when and where it works for the people involved.
  • Take pictures or video of the incident site with your device and attach them to the incident management mobile App.

incident management

An overview of the most important functions


Automated Reporting



Staff Engagement

Staff Scheduling


Incident Analytics

SOS Alert

Panic Alert


Incident Security

Live Dashboard

Live Dashboard

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

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