Live Dashboard

Our live dashboard filter, explore and mine your data for answering the most important questions. You only require a few clicks to dig into extremely valuable insights which help you make timely, accurate and well informed decisions.

  • Easy to understand.
  • Meaningful insights translated in visual formats

  • Easily accessible from any devices such as smartphones, desktops & tablets

  • Work Smart act fast

  • Helps minimise leakages and enhance operational efficiency throughout the chain

Activity Wall

  • Access complete, accurate snapshots of your employees’ day-to-day labor activities
  • Track Book on /Book off timings of Staff to improve timely arrivals of staff

  • Lone worker tracking for health and safety

  • Real time incident reporting with multimedia messaging

  • Monitoring Check Point status

  • SOS alerts

  • Location tracking

Tracking and monitoring modules of MiSentinel are designed in a very user-friendly way to understand what’s happing on the site in a real-time. It’s a very vital function to help strategic staff to make accurate and timely decisions. It helps you to increase staff productivity and accountability.

Incident Management

MiSentinel Incident Management module synchronises all the parties on one platform to provide a rapid and coordinated response to each incident.

Setup your escalation policies for appropriate priority levels – mobilise responders, engage stakeholders and send updates & add notes.

Stakeholders are informed with real-time status updates on incident resolution progress, enabling real-time, organisation-wide response without impacting your business.

  • Accountability simplified – Pre-defined escalation policies automatically notifies the responders and stakeholders keeping real-time track of actions performed on each incident.
  • Incidents Log – All the incidents are logged in real-time and notifications managed automatically.

  • Coordinated Response – The notifications are sent to the right individuals and responders, that ensures operational capability made smoother, quicker and accurate.

Real time Communications between the Frontline and the management.

Quick and easy Incident reporting.

Incidents can be reported via the app. Pictures can be uploaded and Free Live Chat can be used to report incidents on the go.