Innovative Solution for Workforce Management

MiSentinel is a cloud-based workforce management system with innovative features of schedule, lone worker, patrol management and incident management with complete tracking and monitoring of all activities. Our Mobile App works as lone worker and patrol device for security guards and that is not only a cost reduction for the security businesses but a robust health & safety system for security staff.

Our Solutions for Security Industry


Most advanced and sophisticated employee scheduling and communication system for security and facility management. Its advanced and innovative features of schedule help you to automate your scheduling process that in returns saves you time and money.


British Standard 7858 for Security Screening & Vetting has been simplified through our innovative and future-proof knowledge of technology.


MiSentinel Patrol Manager function provides a secure and efficient tracking with accountability for the security staff to report their patrol activity in real time.


Offers the most user-friendly mobile app to track lone worker safety & security, staff lateness, absence, book-on and book-off.

MiPeople Beta, Virtual launch

Join us for a preview of our MiPeople - a Human Resource application specialised in security staff screening & vetting compliant with BS7858.

What MiSentinel Does Best?

Profitability will be increased with effective scheduling of your staff, Mi Sentinel helps to reduce administrative burden of operational activities and allowing you an effective control of costs

All information of officer’s real time activity will be displayed on Tracker;

  • Lateness

  • Location Tracking

  • SOS Alerts

  • View submitted reports

  • Admin can send notification

  • View submitted Multimedia

  • Check-call and Checkpoint scan information

  • Activity log of all action performed on Application

Our reports module generates automated reports. Such as

  • User activity report

  • Incident report

  • Lateness report

  • Check call report

  • User activity report

  • Site visit report

  • And many more.

  • Activity log of all action performed on Application

  • Enhanced QR Technology For Staff Protection & Location Tracking

  • A unique QR-code for each site gives a location tracking and enhanced staff protection.

  • A unique latitude & longitude points to an exact location which ensures the safety of staff and accuracy in reporting to the customer.

  • System generated QR codes corresponds with mobile application to support check-calls functionality, patrol management & multiple location tracking and lot more.

  • Activity log of all action performed on Application

Comms Centre is used to send the newsletter and emails from system.

  • can send the email to users

  • can send the email to customers

  • can send the email to officers

  • template of newsletter and email is given by default you can change the color, content and design from yourself as well

  • You can also attach file in email and newsletter from your system.

  • Activity log of all action performed on Application

Mi-Sentinel App

Mi-Sentinel App have the following major functionalities.

  • Book-on, book-off & check call via QR-code
  • Schedules ( upcoming, previous with details )
  • Check points/calls information
  • SOS alerts
  • Multimedia messages ( voice, video, images, text )
  • Reports ( site visit report, incident report)
  • Activity log
  • Notification
  • Duty confirmation

To start using the App, please click to download.


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