Complete Security Workforce Management Software Solutions.

Collaborative Scheduling, patrol tracking and reporting under a single innovative platform.

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How MiSentinel Helps Your Business?

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Eliminate Human Error

Solutions for security workforce management will decrease the risk of human error and ensure a simple, an impartial and orderly approach to dealing with Specific needs with no confusion at all.

Hours Served

Save Time & Money

MiSentinel can save you and your business hours every week. It is a web-based software, so it is simple to handle tasks wherever you are instead of hurrying back to the office or a device installed with the software.

Best Experience

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Effective communication is an important part of keeping the workforce happy. With automated systems, any problems can be easily checked, accepted, and solved rapidly & effectively.

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Our Security Workforce Management Software Features

Field Tracking

Tracking and monitoring modules of MiSentinel Security Workforce Management Software (WFM) are designed in a very user-friendly way to understand what’s happing on the site in real-time.

Admin tracking

MiSentinel generates customised reports to help senior managers, middle managers, and operational staff to make well-informed decisions and while keeping costs in control.

Patrol Tracking

Integration of the latest mobile app functionalities enables real-time visibility, seamless communications, and help staying in control of every aspect of remote operations Collaborative response to Incident Management.

Scheduling Software

Self-Service Schedules

Security Workforce Management Software (WFM) is all about appointing the right individuals with the right abilities to the right job at the right time. Staff Scheduling modules part of workforce management software, help to predict the workload and needed workers, include employees through self-service mobile applications in the scheduling process, monitor working hours and accounts, and evaluate and track the entire process.
MiSentinel employee Schedule Management Software Solutions can significantly assist you in monitoring the distribution of resources and their availability. It is easy to use and gives you all the tools in one place to be visible. Our automated notification system sends shift alerts to various lone workers who are automatically notified and acknowledge any changes on their smartphone.

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Automated Operations

MiSentinel offers automated solutions to many of the traditional daily tasks performed by the Human Resources (HR) department of every company. Security Workforce Management Software helps businesses streamline operations, raise efficiency and minimise costs through better human resources management, scheduling, monitoring and patrol tracking.
MiSentinel Staff can also request a change of shift or work record or lift a request for leave with the expectation that the request will be seen and catered to by the appropriate authority. This not only facilitates smooth collaboration, but it also saves time in face-to-face meetings, telephone calls or email messages, or unplanned absences.

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 Going The Extra Mile

We make extra calls and go in-depth when screening & vetting candidates.

Our 24/7 SIA/ACS approved control room is a cost-effective solution that is available
as a fully managed security services solutions or an ad-hoc service.


Fully Managed Solutions


   Managed Operations

  • 24/7 Control Room (SIA, ACS Approved)
  • Out of Office Managed Control
  • Variable Incident Management
  • Check Calls & Lone Worker
  • Cover Security Workforce Management

   Managed Reports

  • Customized Reporting Templates
  • Profitability Reports
  • HR Reporting
  • Audits Support
  • Billing & Payments
  • Paperless Admin

  Screening & Vetting

  • Compliance(BS7858)
  • Right to Work Checks
  • ID & Reference Verifications
  • Credit Checks
  • GDPR Compliance

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